Top site safety manual launched for industry

12 January 2011

GE700 2011 publication

Check to see if your business is up to scratch with the latest key industry Health and Safety regulations with CITB-ConstructionSkills, as the Industry Training Board and Sector Skills Council for the construction sector has now published the 2011 version of its acclaimed GE 700 ‘Construction site safety’ manual.
Designed to help businesses protect themselves, its people and its profits, Construction site safety is the leading publication within the Construction and Built Environment for guidance on current construction Health and Safety legislation.

Developed with industry experts, the manual brings together everything firms need to know about construction Health and Safety in one place, including new or updated guidance and procedures.

Some of the updates include:

  • Notification of Conventional Tower Cranes Regulations 2010, and the associated tower crane register (Module D3);

  • The implications for employers and managers resulting from the introduction of ‘fit notes’ (Module B1);

  • The publication by the HSE of a list of types of scaffold which must be designed (Module C5); and

  • Revised HSE advice for calculating personal noise exposure (Module B10).

Of the 65 modules featured, 60 cover specific topic areas in relation to health, safety, welfare and the environment, with the remaining five providing information that may be helpful to workers on site.

Each module is loose leafed and provides practical, accurate and authoritative advice on all the important areas of construction Health and Safety within the existing legal framework and requirements.

By studying individual modules, users will be able to assess their legal responsibilities and those of others, and decide how best to organise work activities in a safe and healthy manner.

To order a copy of Construction Site Safety, visit the online bookshop or call 0344 994 4122. 

If you already have a copy of the 2010 edition of GE 700, you can save money this year by ordering the cost-effective update pack rather than the full publication.

To find more about Health and Safety and how it affects you, visit www.cskills.org